What is VExUS?

VExUS is venous excess ultrasound grading system intended to quantify systemic venous congestion, which is particularly important in patients with tenuous fluid volume status (e.g. those with right sided heart […]

Basics of Doppler Ultrasound

Doppler ultrasonography (DUS) is used to identify the blood flow, quantify it as well as evaluate the flow pattern. In Nephrology practice, it is mainly used in the assessment of […]

The RV inflow view

It is not always possible to obtain a good apical window to look for tricuspid regurgitation, which is one parameter that we commonly look at in nephrology patients with volume […]

Venous congestion (VExUS) webinar

There has been a lot of interest in venous congestion assessment (using POCUS) lately, thanks to the landmark paper by Beaubien-Souligny et al. and efforts of the FOAMed educators campaigning against […]

How to get certified in POCUS?

This is one of the commonest questions I get. First, as previously mentioned, the American College of Emergency Physicians policy statement on emergency ultrasound recommends that a trainee should perform […]

Renal infarction

These images were obtained from a patient with no known co-morbidities, who presented with acute right flank pain. There was no history of fever, hematuria, or other symptoms suggestive of […]