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Tag: Cardiac

Particulate matter in the inferior vena cava

It is well-recognized that a dilated IVC in endurance athletes is a physiologic adaptation to repeated, intermittent volume loading and does not reflect an increased right atrial pressure. Interestingly, in […]

Prominent Eustachian valve

Above finding was incidentally noted while performing physical examination (POCUS) in a patient with heart failure and acute kidney injury. Note the thin mobile hyperechoic structure arising from the anterior […]

Left atrial ridge

This apical 4-chamber view obtained from a patient with end-stage kidney disease during physical examination demonstrates some hyperechoic structure in the left atrium resembling a Q-tip. Is it abnormal? It […]

Hiatal hernia on Focused Cardiac Ultrasound

This apical 4-chamber view is obtained from a patient with shortness of breath being managed with escalation of diuretic therapy, which eventually led to hypovolemic hyponatremia. What does it show? […]

One view, multiple effusions

We previously went over examples of pleural effusion and ascites visualized from the subcostal/subxiphoid window. Here is another nice clip demonstrating right and left pleural effusions, pericardial effusion and ascites […]

IVC POCUS: one view is no view

We have previously discussed that longitudinal view of the IVC is subject to cylinder effect and it is a good idea to visualize it in short axis as well. However, […]