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Tag: Cardiac

The subcostal bicaval view

We are familiar with the subcostal 4 chamber and inferior vena cava (IVC) views. There is also something called subcostal bicaval view, where you can visualize both IVC and the […]

The RV inflow view

It is not always possible to obtain a good apical window to look for tricuspid regurgitation, which is one parameter that we commonly look at in nephrology patients with volume […]

Pulmonary veins on cardiac ultrasound

In a recent twitter poll showing this parasternal long axis (PLAX) image, only 36% (N = 301) were able to identify the pulmonary vein. Even though the purpose of POCUS […]

Strange things around the IVC

A medical student is looking for inferior vena cava in a nephrology clinic patient and finds something ‘weird’ adjacent to the IVC.  He/she calls the nephrology fellow for help. Here […]