A-lines all over the abdomen

We previously discussed about the reverberation artifacts in the abdomen resembling A-and B-lines seen on lung ultrasound. A-lines (not standard terminology in abdomen) or the horizontal reverberation artifacts are typically […]

ESRD patient with shortness of breath

A middle-aged patient on maintenance hemodialysis presents with shortness of breath. Patient was undergoing chemotherapy for a hematologic malignancy and compliant with dialysis sessions. Had normal ejection fraction on cardiology-performed […]

Point of Care Renal Ultrasound in AKI: Webinar

Thanks to ultrasound interest group from the National University Hospital of Colombia and the National University for the opportunity. This webinar covers the role of kidney ultrasound in AKI: 1. […]

An uncommon cause of bilateral hydronephrosis

A middle-aged gentleman was seen for elevated serum creatinine. He had a history of recurrent urinary tract infections, urinary urgency, and microscopic hematuria for about 2 years. Kidney ultrasound demonstrated […]

Fatty liver

Normally, we compare the renal parenchymal echogenicity to that of liver on the right and spleen on the left. But if the patient has fatty liver, this can get confusing. […]

Cyst or hydronephrosis?

Previously, we learned that parapelvic cysts can mimic hydronephrosis. However, any large cyst can be confused with hydro if you do not scan the kidney in both planes. For example, […]

Questionable hydroureter seen in the clinic

A middle-aged man was seen in the nephrology clinic after a recent hospitalization for acute pyelonephritis and acute kidney injury (AKI) requiring a few sessions of dialysis. AKI was thought […]

Strange white things in the liver

These images of the liver were obtained from an asymptomatic nephrology clinic patient while trying to find the IVC. What are the white things? Don’t they look like air bronchograms […]