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Tag: Bladder

Gartner’s duct cyst

A middle-aged woman was seen in the nephrology clinic for chronic kidney disease. She also had a history of recurrent urinary tract infections. Physical exam (POCUS) revealed an anechoic/hypoechoic structure […]

The ‘ring of fire’ Foley balloon

Previously, we talked about the utility of ‘twinkling sign or artifact’ in detection of kidney stones. Interestingly, balloon of the Foley catheter can also twinkle on color Doppler appearing like […]

Misplaced Foley in the prostatic urethra

In this ultrasound image of long axis of the urinary bladder, Foley balloon (green arrow) is in the prostatic urethra resulting in urinary retention. Note the anechoic urine-filled bladder and […]

Ureterovesical junction stone

We have previously talked about ureteral jets and the twinkle artefact. Here is an excellent clip shared by Dr. Robert Jones demonstrating twinkle artefact in the right distal ureter region […]

Am I seeing two urinary bladders?

We previously talked about the double bladder sign in female patients indicative of ovarian torsion. Here are images from a middle-aged gentleman, where the suprapubic scan revealed two anechoic structures, […]

Ureteral jets

The intravesical ureteral jets, or the bladder jets represent the sonographic appearance of discrete boluses of urine entering the bladder, better detected using color Doppler. They are thought to result […]

Bladder ultrasound: calculation of volume

Sonographic evaluation of the urinary bladder should be performed in any patient with dilated collecting system or frequent urinary tract infections, especially in a male. The examination is performed with […]