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Tag: Incidental findings

A case of urinary frequency and urgency

A middle-aged woman is seen in nephrology clinic for recurrent nephrolithiasis. She was previously advised to drink plenty of water but thinks she is probably drinking ‘too much’ because she […]

Incidental fluid seen during kidney biopsy

In a twitter poll asking what the asterisk indicated, only ~55% of the respondents (total 338 votes) answered correctly. This is an image of the left kidney obtained from the […]

A-lines all over the abdomen

We previously discussed about the reverberation artifacts in the abdomen resembling A-and B-lines seen on lung ultrasound. A-lines (not standard terminology in abdomen) or the horizontal reverberation artifacts are typically […]

Fatty liver

Normally, we compare the renal parenchymal echogenicity to that of liver on the right and spleen on the left. But if the patient has fatty liver, this can get confusing. […]

Strange white things in the liver

These images of the liver were obtained from an asymptomatic nephrology clinic patient while trying to find the IVC. What are the white things? Don’t they look like air bronchograms […]

An unusual case of ascites

Here is an interesting case shared by Pitt IMPOCUS. A middle-aged man with cirrhosis and history of venous thromboembolism on apixaban therapy presented with abdominal pain and distension. On examination, […]

Comet tail artefacts from metallic objects

Here are the chest ultrasound images from a cardiac surgery patient. They were obtained from the sternal area and represent comet tail artefacts from sternal wires. They look like B-lines […]