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Upcoming POCUS courses in the first half of 2024

If you’re a nephrologist in the United States seeking hands-on POCUS training, there are three upcoming courses to consider.

  1. The 17th POCUS workshop in Austin, directed by Dr. Nilam Soni (editor of the popular POCUS textbook) in January 2024, is designed primarily for internists but is very relevant for nephrologists. If a substantial number of nephrologists register, there will be an opportunity to focus on specific sonographic applications in a breakout session with me and other nephrology instructors. Click here for more details and to register. Added advantage: It’s a component of the SHM POCUS certification requirements.
  2. The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona will host a 1.5-day POCUS course at the Southwest Nephrology Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, in March 2024. Limited to a small number of attendees (usually around 15), the course offers an excellent instructor-to-learner ratio and the chance to engage with experienced faculty. It can be tailored to accommodate various skill levels, allowing participants to focus on basic cardiac windows or explore more advanced hemodynamic applications, depending on their needs. Dr. Nathaniel Reisinger serves as the course director. Dr. Argaiz and I serve as instructors. Here is the registration link: go to POCUS immersion course (#5 on the list).
  3. A day-long POCUS precourse tailored for nephrologists will be held at the National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meetings 2024 in May, directed by me (Long Beach, CA). This course will include live lectures and hands-on scanning sessions customized for nephrology practice. Apart from our group (Drs. Reisinger and Argaiz), we will be joined by EM/IM POCUS experts from UCLA, who will also serve as instructors. In addition to nephrology fellows and practicing nephrologists, advanced practice providers (APPs) are welcome to attend. For more information, please visit the registration page; there is an option to register for the POCUS precourse.

All these programs are led by experienced instructors proficient not only in acquiring ultrasound images but also in teaching the correct technique. It’s important to note that in general, POCUS workshops serve as an introduction to basic ultrasound knowledge and skills. The intention is for participants to return to their institutions and continue practicing, gradually gaining confidence. Just as we didn’t master physical examination in a single day, the same principle applies to POCUS-enhanced physical exam.


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