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Particulate matter in the inferior vena cava

It is well-recognized that a dilated IVC in endurance athletes is a physiologic adaptation to repeated, intermittent volume loading and does not reflect an increased right atrial pressure. Interestingly, in […]

Prominent Eustachian valve

Above finding was incidentally noted while performing physical examination (POCUS) in a patient with heart failure and acute kidney injury. Note the thin mobile hyperechoic structure arising from the anterior […]

Revisiting pleural effusion

Identification of pleural effusions is one of the basic applications of Internal Medicine and Nephro POCUS.  As previously discussed, pleural fluid appears as an anechoic area above the diaphragm surrounding […]

Hemodynamic POCUS in cirrhosis: think beyond the IVC

In nephrology practice, acute kidney injury (AKI) in patients with cirrhosis often poses a diagnostic challenge owing to multitude of etiologic possibilities and overlapping presentations. Most such patients end up […]