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Urinary bladder diverticula – The Mickey Mouse sign

A bladder diverticulum is a sac that protrudes out of the bladder wall. Diverticulae may be congenital or acquired and acquired diverticula from chronic bladder outlet obstruction are commonly encountered in adults. They appear as Mickey Mouse ears on bladder ultrasound, with the bladder representing the head.

Below is an example of a large bladder diverticulum. Much larger than a typical Mickey Mouse ear!

Here is another large bladder diverticulum, courtesy of Dr. Robert Jones. The bladder is not empty despite the presence of Foley because the clip was obtained immediately after placing it.

Another example of a large diverticulum obtained from an elderly woman.

Below images were obtained from a patient with chronic bladder dysfunction in the setting of cerebral palsy. Yellow arrowheads indicate the connection between the bladder and diverticulae.


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