The Journey Begins

Following are some of my published articles on POCUS. See the visual abstracts section for other important POCUS-related literature.

Correspondence regarding the feasibility of 28-zone lung ultrasound

Lung ultrasound in ESRD editorial

Utility of POCUS in volume assessment in ESRD

POCUS curriculum for nephrology fellows

Renal ultrasonography basics: pictorial mini-review

NephroPOCUS program for internal medicine residents

Why should we incorporate POCUS into our practice?

The TIE fighter sign on abdominal POCUS

Emphysematous pyelonephritis versus staghorn calculus

Retroperitoneal lymphoma causing hydronephrosis

Post-kidney biopsy AV fistula

Bladder stone: POCUS signs

Renal AVM mimicking hydronephrosis

Dromedary hump

Parapelvic cysts mimicking hydronephrosis

Twinkle artefact in tumor lysis syndrome

Volume depletion masking hydronephrosis


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